Wildcats: Nemesis #1

Call me stupid, but when I saw the name "Morrison" on the cover of this comic, I thought it was written by Grant Morrison. It may be that I’m so enraptured by Morrison’s Seven Soldiers project that I want to see him everywhere I look. But I think the reason I expected Grant Morrison to be writing this comic is that I just couldn’t see any reason for releasing a new Wildcats series unless a big name was at the helm.
I mean, I was a big fan of the previous incarnation of this series, Wildcats 3.0, but judging by the sales, not more than 10,000 people shared my passion. Wildcats 3.0 was a fun series, full of both action and social satire, and that series filled a unique niche in comics. But I didn’t sense any great clamor to bring the series back.
But here it is. The Wildcats are back, written by some dude named Robbie Morrison and drawn, in the first half, in a style approximating the series’s early Image days, and in the second half, drawn in a kind of uninked style reminiscent of a cartoon without a lot of black lines. The comic is professionally and competently done, but it’s nothing special, nothing that will cause peoplem to pick this comic book out from all the hundreds on the stands each month. So I have to wonder: just what’s the point? Why tell the story of the Khera/Daemon war both today and in the distant past? How many longtime Wildcats fans are out there clamoring for this continuity implant? Why do we need a new Wildcats comic?
If the comic had been fantastic, there would have been a reason to bring it back. The comic isn’t fantastic. It is definitely competent. The opening battle scenes are fun, and the history in the back is neat back-fill. Horacio Domingues especially does a fine job on the art in his segment. But so what? To what end? Whose idea was it to put out this comic that will certainly not sell worth a damn?
Now watch: this comic will sell through the roof and I’ll look a fool. Chances are, though, it will do as badly as Morrison’s run on The Authority.

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