My collection stats

I just upgraded to ComicBase 10. I can’t recommend ComicBase highly enough. If you’re a serious collection, ComicBase really is the definitive comic tracking database.
I was curious about the size of my collection, so here’s the totals and some breakdown.
Total collection: 8815 comics (not including graphic novels, not listed in the db)
Breakdown by company:
DC: 2257
Marvel: 2124
Fantagraphics: 428
Vertigo: 408
Image: 389
Dark Horse: 336
Aardvark-Vanaheim: 328
Kitchen Sink: 156
Eclipse: 153
Written by Neil Gaiman: 112
Written by Alan Moore: 254
Written by Stan Lee: 75
Written by Roy Thomas: 49
Written by Steve Gerber: 188
Written by Don McGregor: 94
Drawn by Frank Miller: 88
Drawn by George Perez: 65
Drawn by Ted McKeever: 58
Comics I’ve bought in 2005: 207 (this seems low… maybe there’s an error in  the way that stats are computed)
Number of comics from before 1970: 168 (also seems low though the listed comics make sense)
Hmm… what else?

4 Responses to “My collection stats”

  1. Unknown Says:

    How many comics do you have that are 9th in the series?

  2. Ana Rita Says:

    CO(S)MICI was born in 78 and I love Garfield eh eh eh

  3. Unknown Says:

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