Fantastic Four #101 (1970)

This is the penultimate issue drawn by the great Jack Kirby, shortly before he moved to DC Comics and created the New Gods.
I love that word. Penultimate. It just sounds cool. And how many words are there like it? Almost the last. How many words mean "almost the ______"? Awfully damn few, and so I love that word.
And I love the work of Jack Kirby in comics. I know the late issues of the Lee/Kirby FF run are often overlooked due to the brilliance of the first 60 issues or so, but even looking at this down issue it’s clear to see why this comic was such a smash hit at the time. The story is pretty daft – the Maggia, Marvel’s version of the Mafia, have bought the Baxter Building in an attempt to kick the Fantastic Four out and oh, by the way, kill them. But it’s fun, light entertainment, and, more importantly, the Kirby/Sinnott art goes down very easy. By this point Kirby and Sinnott were a well-oiled machine, and this is yet another example of the wonder of the two working together. Check out the scan of a page of original art I found on the web. Nice, huh?
It’s no classic, but this issue is awfully nice.

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