Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85 (1971)

Hey, you gotta seek out this comic. As the cover boasts, this issue reveals "The Shocking Truth About Drugs!" Guess what? It’s not that people like taking them, or that getting stoned can give you a nice buzz that mellows you out and helps you enjoy psychedelic music like the 13th Floor Elevators, or that lots and lots of people in the ’80s really liked coke, or that alcohol is a great legal drug.
No, you’ll never guess. Drugs are bad for you. Bad! Bad! Enough to make you turn your back on your rich dude you live with (what do you call the guy with whom you likve when you’re a ward, anyway?)
Amazingly enough, this comic is looked upon as a classic. Maybe it was groundbreaking at the time – in fact, I’m sure it is – but reading this comic 35 years after its release, GL/GA 85 is just an awful embarassment, with absurd writing that is way over the top. At least the Adams are is purty. (And yeah, I know I’ve talked about these GL/GA comics before. I can’t help it, I’m fascinated by them.)
Remember, kids, drugs are bad.

5 Responses to “Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85 (1971)”

  1. cauwel3 Says:


  2. Jason Says:

    Yep, Neal Adams. This has been reprinted about a dozen times.

  3. Ariel Says:

    Yep. These were some good comics. I remember reading them and they are the reason I wanted to write a comic book with meaning dialouge that was still releveant or with a social conscience to it. Maybe I will get to do so someday, but it may never be as fun as these GA/GL books were.

  4. cauwel3 Says:


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