Classic Doctor Who: the Leisure Hive (1980)

This episode epitomizes everything that makes Doctor Who stand out from other science fiction TV shows. Where shows like Star Trek are fond of presenting cohesive global societies, where people and places are homogenoius across their planets, Doctor Who was great at presenting divisive societies and groups, full of logical tensions. There are tensions arising from money, from belief systems, from religion or mythology; really from anything that can divide people. The Doctor and his companions would find themselves in that society and do their best to make things better. Such is the case of "The Leisure Hive", a return to seriousness for a series that had drifted into humor in the previous several seasons. New Producer John Nathan-Turner brought the series into the 1980s by emphasizing special effects, less cheessy costumes, and, most importantly, good scripts. Unlike many episodes, "The Leisure Hive" is packed with story from beginning to end, and the story zips along.
Highly recommended.

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