Flaming Carrot Comics #34 (2005)

Ut! The Carrot is back with another masterpiece of surrealisitic silliness! America’s proudest vegetable-attired hero has finally returned in classic form with another wacky adventure that’s a treat on every page. I was disappointed with the last issue – just not enough silly randomness for me – but this issue is great.
Like a lot of characters that appeared in the first half of the late, lamented Cerebus, the Carrot is near and dear to my heart. His hilarious and unique antics were always a treat for me, and often really captured my imagination. The first version of the Mysterymen, featuring the Carrot’s pal Screwball, were real faves of mine, and the villainous Don Whiskerando (Iwho owned the dead dog that got up and flew around the room) inspired a family joke about my sone when he was still in diapers. So it’s great to see that ol’ Bob Burden is still producing Carrot stories after all these years. And it’s an even bigger treat to see that the comic is staying pretty damn odd and silly. Don’t be put off by the $3.50 cover price – this comic is a joy from cover to cover.

2 Responses to “Flaming Carrot Comics #34 (2005)”

  1. Pirata Says:

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  2. cauwel3 Says:

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