Peanutbutter and Jeremy – Free Comics Day Edition (2003)

I know this comic is much loved by critics and fans alike, but I just don’t get the acclaim. Peanutbutter and Jeremy is an awfully cute comic. It’s the tale of a cat and a crow who are pals and hang out together. The story in this comic is charming and childlike, but, unfortunately, there’s nothing really special about it. Peanutbutter and Jeremy hang out and, well, just don’t do very much. The story rambles around, without much of a point to anything. There’s no real story here;  instead this comic presents (excuse the phrase) a shaggy dog story.
James Kochalka is the writer/artist on this book. His art is really a big part of the key to this comic’s charm – his simple linework is expressive and cute, elegant in its simplicity. He’s not an innovative storyteller, but Kochalka’s work unique and expressive.
For a free comic it’s just fine, but there’s nothing here that really motivates me to pay for future PB&J adventures.

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