Ghost Rider #16 and Action Comics #456 (1975)

I was reading my latest eBay win, a copy of The Comic Reader #124 from 1975, when I came across the two gems attached below. Is there any doubt that Jaws-mania was sweeping America thirty years ago? I especially love the covers’ absurdity. As if it’s not silly enough that Ghost Rider is riding his motorcycle in the water while his head is flaming away, in the same month Superman, Earth’s mightiest mortal, looks like he’s also in peril from a shark. Yeah, Superman, who can stop a speeding bullet, is being attacked by what looks like a perfectly ordinary non-super-powered, shark. I guess after the shark breaks his teeth trying to bite Supes, he can gum our hero to death!
Nice covers, though. The Ghost Rider one is by the team of Bob Brown and Dave Cockrum. Brown was a solid comics pro and Cockrum is one of my favorite artists. The Action Comics cover is by Mike Grell, ironically the man who replaced Cockrum on the legendary Legion of Super-Heroes.
Oh, and I almost forgot, the cover of TCR 124 was by a guy much better known for his writing: Mark Evanier. I wonder why he decided to draw a cover. The art actuially isn’t too bad – cute depictions of the Warner Brothers cartoon bunch. Maybe he had a future in art, too…
But still – a shark biting Superman? Huh?

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