Doom Patrol #3 (2004)

Okay, given that:
a) I was a big fan of Grant Morrison’s version of the Doom Patrol. It was an amazing, almost revolutionary comic that stands next to Morrison’s Animal Man as wonderful examples of the all too rare practice of meta-comics; that is, comics that are as much about them being comics as they are about the stories within them. Morrison was, and still is, a comics visionary, and Doom Patrol was his first magnum opus.
b) I really enjoyed the version before this of Doom Patrol by John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat. It was a clever and fun take on the whole idea of super-heroes, alternatively funny and thoughtful, with some wonderful art. The idea of the new Negative Man cracks me up everytime I think about it.
c) I’m not a big fan of John Byrne. I don’t have anything much against him, but Byrne’s work just hasn’t excited me in many years.
… this comic ain’t too bad. For plain ol’ goofy fun super-heroes vs. giant monsters action, you can’t beat this. I might question of doing a retro take on this series after two dramatically post-modern takes on them, but what the hell, you know, it’s just comics. Sometimes they don’t have to be innovative. And if that lands the comic in the quarter bins, so be it.

2 Responses to “Doom Patrol #3 (2004)”

  1. Brian Says:

    cool site. are you a comic writer??

  2. Jason Says:

    Thanks. I don\’t write \’em, I just read \’em. Well, I do publish articles for Comic Effect (link at left) and wrote one mini-comic, which I\’ll mention when I get more copies of it, but I have a real job and wife and kids and house and no time for much else, unfortunately. 😦

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