Aquaman #59 (1977)

I picked this comic up this weekend at the Corner Comics "Golden Ticket" sale, where they had every back issue on sale for $1. The comic features art by the great Jim Aparo. Since he recently passed away, I was nostalgic for his work. Too bad this comic is an unreadable piece of crap.
Aparo was a consummate pro, always doing really professional and interesting work on even the most mediocre stories. He was always interested in using the most interesting camera angles and the most thoughtful panel arrangements to help tell his stories in the most interesting ways. Even on a dull comic like this one, Aparo goes out of his way to bring life to the story, to give readers more than just a simple nine panel arrangement. It’s really refreshing to see storytelling like Aparo’s these days. It’s not slick, it’s not flashy, he uses sound effects well, and doesn’t draw outside the margins. It’s fun to see his art these days.
The story doesn’t do the art any favors. It’s uncredited, which generally doesn’t have good implications, and is really rather pointless. This comic doesn’t have the sort of plot that is funny to make fun of, but it’s not good enough to explain either. It’s just kind of bland and generic.
Behind the 11-page lead story is an awful six-page story featuring Mera, Aquaman’s wife. After their little infant son is apparently killed, Aquaman and Mera go their seperate directions to try to save the boy. Paul Kupperberg, Juan Ortiz and the infamous Vince Colletta do this story, another dull stiory, this time helplessly badly drawn with typical Colletta butchery. Again, the whole thing just feel rather pointless and dull, not even worth the buck I paid for it.
One has to wonder what DC was thinking at the time to release such a comic. They couldn’t expect such a comic to sell well, could they? What would be compelling enough to bring a reader back? The answer, of course, is that this series was cancelled with issue #63. Nobody much cared. Aquaman has always been a hard series to sell to readers; such a mediocre series only made that problem that much worse.

One Response to “Aquaman #59 (1977)”

  1. kariyanine Says:

    Aquaman is just a boring solo hero. I tried getting into his "new" series (currently on issue #32) but lost intrest after the first two arcs. Arthur works well when teamed up with the JLA but by himself he is just kind of dull. Namor, over in Marvel land, works better as a character (one of my favorites) Aquaman just doesn\’t have it going for him. He kind of comes off as a Namor knock off.

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