A Very Sammy Day (2004)

This was a very frustrating comic. "A Very Sammy Day" seems like it should be a wacky and quirky story of a robber who is haunted by his own bad luck. We should get slapstick scene after slapstick scene showing Sammy’s ineptitude. At least that’s what I was hoping for. Instead what I got was panel after panel of setup, and weak punchlines.

In this story, Sammy is a thief who turned informer for the police after some criminals steal money earmarked for a children’s fund. He’s given an apartment to hide out in. After getting chewed out by his landlord, Sammy goes up to his apartment. The tension builds as a whole page is devoted to Sammy climbing the stairs and opening his door. When he opens the door, two men are in there wearing gas masks and spraying something in his apartment. Sammy is startled, stumbles out his apartment door, over the railing and knocks himself out. It’s a funny moment that should set up an even funnier moment when these men confront Sammy. Instead, it turns out they’re just a couple of guys sent to fumigate the apartment. Oh well, so much for slapstick humor. It turns out that Sammy’s just a goof who overreacted. You might find this sort of thing funny. I just founded it rather pointless.

The whole comic is made up of scenes like that one – nice setups for very disappointing climaxes. It’s a shame, because the art by Azad, whoever he is, is pretty charming. The comic does read differently from any other comic on the stands, and it has a unique feel to it. It has promise. But the first step is disappointing, at least for me.


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