GLA #2 (2005)

This is an interesting little comic from Marvel, exploring the more obscure and mediocre sides of the Marvel Universe. The GLA, or Great Lakes Avengers, are a bunch of loser super-heroes who are mired in their strange little corner of comics, a group of eternal second-raters who are aware of their mediocrity and still try to soldier on. This second issue sees them undertake a membership drive. Spider-Man and Wolverine turn the team down – no problem there – but, in a wonderful two-page scene, so do Hercules and Tigra, Black Bolt and Iron Fist, even the Grizzly and Brother Voodoo. Still the team battles on, trying vainly to find their newest teammate, finally recruiting Squirrel Girl. Well, she’s better than nothing.
This is a very entertaining comic. It’s written by Dan Stott, who did such a great job with the revival of She-Hulk last year. He’s alternately funny nand sad in his writing, making you pull for these second-raters even while you laugh at them. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next; this is a neat ride.
Artist Paul Pelletier does an OK job, neither great nor awful. He’s a classic Marvel artist, and therefore is a good choice for a comic like ths one.
The story of the Great Lakes Avengers is interesting and even a little bit inspiring. No matter what kind of adversity comes their way, the GLA keeps battling through. They’re survivors; even though the rest of the world is apathetic towards them, the team battles onward, hoping vainly that their luck will turn. Not a bad message to present.

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