All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (2005)

DC Comics is smart. Three weeks after their blockbuster Batman Begins premiered in the movies, they’ve launched their blockbuster Batman comic book by Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Miller and Lee are each tremendously pooular, tried-and-true creators who have become legends in the comics industry. It’s a masterstroke to bring the two together, and DC is guaranteed huge sales from the book.
So is it any good? Yeah, it’s pretty good. The book starts with us meeting Robin, a very young Dick Grayson who is still part of his parents’ high wire circus act. He’s happy and content with his loving family, and looks to be on top of the world. Cut to Vicki Vale, the sexy newspaper reporter who gets invited to go to the circus with Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s most eligible bachelor. On the night that Bruce and Vicki go to the circus, a terrible act happens: Dick’s parents are murdered. And thus starts another chapter of the Batman legend.
I’m not a fan of Jim Lee’s artwork. To me, his  slick style distorts people in bizarre ways. His Vivki Vale looks like a mannequin to me, and I just don’t think he does action scenes well. Still, the last page depiction of Batman is awfully cool.
Miller’s story is quite nice. He’s the master of the interior monologue with his characters, and here he proves his talent in that area. For as bizarre as she looks, Vicki seems like an interesting character, and he seems to have hit Bruce spot-on.
It’s not the greatest comic ever, but Miller has written some of the greatest comics ever. That means this book has the potential to reach those levels. So far it has potentail.

One Response to “All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (2005)”

  1. kariyanine Says:

    I have to agree with you that the book wasn\’t the best but it does have alot of potential to grow into a great book. I\’m curious to see where Miller will take us in his dark vision of Gotham.

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