Fantastic Four #51 (1966)

Last night I want to Best Buy with my buddy Mike. I bought a Disney Princess Stories DVD for my youngest, Leah, and a small boom box for my 12-year-old, Robin. The only thing I picked up for myself was a free promo Fantastic Four comic book. What was cool was that an all-time classic was reprinted, Fantastic Four #51. "This Man, This Monster" has been praised by better writers than myself. It’s free with any DVD purchase, so next time you’re there, pick it up.
The coolest thing about it? Leah somehow knows who the Invisible Woman is. Either she’s been paying attention to the commercials, or osmosis is working. It’s gotta be the commercials. Leah’s our third kid; I’m not naive enough to believe my kids care about my hobbies.   

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