The Fantastic Four movie (2005)

What the hell was that? Coming just a couple of short weeks after the wonderful Batman Begins, where the legend and spirit of a super-hero was brought to life on screen, we get this odd, sort of half-baked take on the Fantastic Four.
One of the things about Batman Begins is that the movie flowed beautifully from one scene to the next. The movie had an energy, a spirit and a style that helped bring it above the norm. FF is just the opposite: the movie to me lacked energy and just seemed to amble from scene to scene rather than flowing. There just seemed to be too many unanswered questions in the FF movie, too many events that happen just because they’re necessary for the plot rather than because they’re logical for the characters.
Take the revised origin as an example. It has a somewhat logical feel – obviously, the old origin couldn’t work, and this revision felt rather interesting. But in that scene were as many questions as there were answers. How did Reed, who in the comments of Victor Von Doom, "always right", so badly wrong about the cosmic storm? Did his walk through space have anything to do with Ben turning into the Thing? Did Doom have any idea that these events would happen? Why did the accident cause investors to suddenly lose faith in a billion dollafr business like Von Doom Industries?
Yeah, I know, this is just a summer popcorn movie. The problem is that so many recent super-hero movies have been great because they really nailed the details. The changes to Spider-Man’s origin in the first Spider-Man movie amplified the character and made his story more interesting. Similarly, the X-Men movies kind of augmented the characters’ arcs in a way that made them even more interesting to comic fans and non-comic fans alike. The stakes have been raised.
There are some nice individual scenes and moments in the movie. The actor who played Johnny Storm was fun, and the crowd where I saw the movie really seemed to come to life when he came on the screen. Johnny was a fun, cool, partying sort of guy, and the movie nailed his character. And Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm was also terrific. I had trouble thinking of him as anyone other than Vic Mackey, his character on The Shield, but there’s no denying that he’s a fine actor, and that he brought some wonderful bathos to the character. My only real complaint is that he seems rather short for the Thing. Even the choice of having him wear a suit instead of a CGI model was a good choice, as he looked approriately awkward in his suit.
But overall the bad just outweighed the good for me. This felt like another Daredevil, unfortunately: a nice movie with some decent ideas and scenes, but overall it just didn’t hang together at all.

4 Responses to “The Fantastic Four movie (2005)”

  1. Sean Says:

    So better or warse than Daredevil? Better or worse than the recent "Punisher"?

  2. Jason Says:

    I like Michael Chiklis a hell of a lot better than asswipe Ben Affleck, so FF has to get the nod for me. I still haven\’t seen Punisher or Hulk, but Hellboy was definitely better than FF. In my opinion, of course.

  3. Anthony Says:

    I did not think it was a bad a Daredevil, but overall it was not grate. I like your blog, I think I link to mine, if you don\’t mind 😉

  4. kariyanine Says:

    It was by far better than the recent Marvel flops of The Punisher and Elektra. It was marginally better than the guilty pleasure that Daredevil was and much better than Blade Trinity and the awful Hulk. Yes it wasn\’t as good as either of the Spider-Man movies or the X-Men movies but I rank it third out of the recent Marvel films. And it could always have been as bad as the original Fantastic Four movie from 1992. Of course Batman was the top of the comic food chain this year but comparing this team, which to me has always been kind of goofy, to the Dark Knight is unfair to them. I don\’t know how many times I had to explain whom the Fantastic Four were and what they did. I\’ve never had to do that with Batman. The main complaint I heard about Fantastic Four was that it played like a comic book. Hello, it is based on a comic book people. I actually enjoyed Fantastic Four more than Spider-Man 2. While Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man being my favorite Marvel character, looked beautiful and had epic scope it just didn\’t give me the fun feeling I had when watching the original. I had that fun feeling while watching Fantastic Four. I\’m not saying that FF is better than SM2, just more fun. And that is what movies are all about…. entertainment.

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