Seaguy #1 (2005)

Just what the world needed: a surreal take on Aquaman, Disneyland, pet sidekicks, death and any damn thing else Grant Morrison decides to throw into a story. Seaguy is one of the oddest comics I’ve read since Morrison left Doom Patrol over ten years ago: it’s so strange that words almost fail me. Is it a satire? If so, what is it meant to satirize? Super-heroes? Disney? The increasing homogenization of food? Or is this comic a drug-induced trip? An attempt to see if DC would publish anything he creates? Or a superhero from the other side of the looking glass, where things seem like they do in our world but are different in almost every way. Who knows! All I know is that, standing alone, the book is one of the most incomprehensible things I’ve read in a long time.

That said, you can read Morrison’s enthusiasm in almost every panel. The whole world of Seaguy seems thought-out in its own odd way, and there’s always the implication that there’s something just beyond the horizon that will help explain what’s going on. Like his "Flex Mentallo", you keep waiting for the punchline. With "Flex" the punchline was worth it. We only have two more issues of this series to see how this thing plays out.

Cameron Stewart’s art and Peter Doherty’s colors sure are pretty. The artist, best known for his animation-influenced style on Catwoman, has always done gorgeous work, and he continues to do so here. His classic style helps make the book slightly comprehensible; it’s painful to imagine what this comic would look like if drawn by Ashley Wood or Bill Sienkiewicz.

This is a very professional comic with wonderful art and a story that will probably hit every reader in a different way. A rhorsach test of a comic. Is it good or bad? Your mileage will almost definitely vary.


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