Spooky – the Warren Fanzine vol. 2 no. 2 (2005)

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know my affection for the old Warren Magazines. I’m really fond of those magazines, which presented some wonderful writing and art over the years. That’s part of why I was excited to stumble across Piers Casmir’s wonderful fanzine Spooky.
Spooky is a terrific little fanzine. Each issue contains several real gems, including some charmingly informal stories by those who were active in the comics industry back in the day. This issue of Spooky takes an informal look at the early days of Vampirella. Vampi is certainly the most well-known of all of Warren’s characters, and she had a real impact even in 1969, when she first appeared. It’s hard to resist that sultry, scantily-clad blood sucker. We meet Mike Royer, who drew the first Vampi story, and Don Glut, who wrote it. We also get an interview with, ands reminiscence with, former Vampi writer Nicola Cuti.

It’s wonderful to read the memories of these creators who are pretty much forgotten these days. Royer, for instance, had a long and prolific career in comics. However, if anyone remembers Royer at all, it’s as a former assistant to Jack Kirby. Here we get to know the man better, and he’s quite entertaining and charming.

And that is the joy of a print fanzine like Spooky. Spooky is so informal and charming, so light and fun, that it’s almost impossible to resist.

I can’t say if you’ll like Spooky if you’re not a Warren fan. Frankly some of this talk might go over your head if you have no idea what the guys are talking about. But for those of us who know and loved the Warren mags, this zine is a real treat.




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