Doctor Who (2005): The Parting of the Ways

Was that big enough?
Anyway, this was a damn good conclusion to a damn good season. The "Bad Wolf" plotline would up being very different from what probably anybody expected – I know I never imagined the Bad Wolf was Rose, with the power of the TARDIS coursing through her. Bad Wolf sounds like an evil creature, and for it to end up being something so benign was quite unexpected. It was nice how the episode took a small element from not just a previous episode from this season, but a classic Doctor Who element, and turned it just slightly so it appears in a completely new light. The TARDIS always had this mysterious power supply, and suddenly that power was being used to kill a Slitheen and imbue Rose with power. That’s just plain cool.
Cool like the surprising return of the Daleks. After the Doctor announced that the Daleks and Time Lords had wiped each other out in the Time War, I, like most fans, expected never to see them again. But this episode had a nice, logical reason for their return. They were suitably spooky is the battle on the space station, though somehow less scary than I’d expected somehow. Do I sound like I’m hedging my opinions here just a little bit? Maybe I was expecting the Daleks from the "Dalek" episode taken to the nth degree, maybe I just wanted the Daleks to present a little more of a danger, but then again maybe I’m just looking for things to complain about.
Because I can’t complain at all about the way Rose was presented in the episode. After the Doctor sends Rose back to 2005 London, her reactions were wonderful and fitting for all she’s gone through. It’s always bothered me a little bit that companions seemed happy to return to their normal lives. After running through space and time, living a life of adventure and doing good throughout space and time, how can someone go back to their quiet, normal life? It was wonderfully fitting for Rose to be in deep mourning about having to give up the life she came to love.
I never expected the new Doctor Who to be as fun as it ended up being. It’s just a shame that the show hasn’t been shown on an American channel so far. This deserves to be seen by more people.

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