Doctor Who (2005): Bad Wolf

All this season, there’s been a phrase that’s been lurking in nearly every episode of Doctor Who: "Bad Wolf." The phrase has been painted on the TARDIS, it’s been the name of the Cardiff nuclear power plant in "Boom Town", there was a reference to it in the third episode of the season. Now, finally, the question of the Bad Wolf has started to come to a head

For the first time in this season, the Doctor and his companions find themselves transported to a place they don’t mean to get to. A mysterious force has somehow taken the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack, and TransMatted them to the bizarre space station from the previous episode "The Long Game". At the end of that episode, the Doctor freed Earth from the TV broadcasts that had prevented the human race from evolving as it should have. Here, the three companions find themselves stuck in a world where reality TV is everything, where the consequence of losing a game is death. And where these shows have prevented humanity from evolving the way it was supposed to.

Truthfully, this isn’t the best episode of the series for most of it. The Captain Jack sequences are fun – he’s definitely not a traditional Doctor Who companion. But the last couple of minutes, where a truly surprising twist ending happens, are some of the best of the season. I can’t wait for next wek?

And the Bad Wolf? I have my theories, but there are stll a few more days till "A Parting of the Ways".


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