The new Doctor Who: The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances

These episodes were a two-part story, hence their being posted together.

Yeah, this is good. Just what a great adventure yarn should be. It’s fun, spooky, exciting and has a charming ending. Yeah, that was just what I wanted.

The Doctor and Rose hit a bump in time and end up in London, 1941, during the Nazi Blitz of England. As the Doctor goes off to find what caused the time distortion, Rose somehow is caught on a British defense balloon, mean to damage the German planes. As she starts to fall from the balloon’s rope, she’s saved by a mysterious time traveller, the American Captain Jack. Together, the three battle a mysterious and spooky evil in London: a young child that seems to have the ability to hurt people with just a touch.

This episode had everything in it that makes the new series special. The story is interesting and thoughtful, and it has a resolution that’s both logical and fitting. There are wonderful character moments between each of the three main heroes, and an ending that feels completely inevitable. There’s even a nice character moment in the second half where a cipher character just very casually becomes a three-dimensional woman. And it all looks so easy!

It’s nice that BBC gave the new Doctor Who a budget that allows the series to create atmospheric and interesting stories. These were those sorts of solid episodes that draw people back into the show. After all, the greatness of Doctor Who isn’t in its special effects or its time paradoxes. The greatness is in its spirit of adventure and the joy of spending time with these great characters.


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