She-Hulk #1 (2004)

This is almost a textbook on how to write a great first issue comic. A first issue should have a few things going for it. It should be fun and interesting, give a reader an impression of what the following series will be like, set the stage for future stories, act as the interesting first chapter of a trade paperback and generally kick ass. Yeah, it’s a tall order and few first issues are really what you might call great. Many are intriguing, setting up mysteries or plotlines that will last for several issues. Others have great endings which make the reader want to come back for more of the series. And then there’s She-Hulk #1.

This comic is a goddamn laugh riot. You see, She-Hulk is one of the all-time great party animals, a seven-foot-tall irradiated beauty who is strong as an ox and has the stamina of ten men. And when I say stamina I mean it in every way. She-Hulk can drink any man under the table and then can go all night once they get home. Oh, and she’s also also smart and tough and one of the finest lawyers in New York.

Yeah, this comic is a comedy but don’t hold it against it. If you’re the type who needs all his super-heroes to be ultra-serious, this is not your type of comic book. She-Hulk is a delightfully askew look at what would happen if a seven-foot-tall green female lawyer was running around New York City. It’s great. Go any buy the collection of these first few issues.

Oh, and the art on the book, by Juan Bobillo, is just gorgous. Shulkie is so damn cute!


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