El Cazador #5 and 6 (2004)

I love picking up comics for a quarter. It’s one of the joys of my life to go to comic shows and conventions and buy recent back issues four for a dollar. You literally can’t go wrong at that price. If the comic sucks, you’ve only wasted a quarter. And if it’s great, you have a wonderful little prize.

One of the best comics I’ve found recently in the quarter bins is CrossGen Comics’ pirate series El Cazador. With a very entertaining story and gorgeous artwork, El Caz is rollicking enertainment. It’s also a very unique comic. Aside from the small-press comic Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales and the story-wihin-a-story in Watchmen, we haven’t seen pirates in American comics since the 1950s. And reading this comic it’s clear that we never knew what we were mssing.

El Cazador is the story of Captain Sin, a female pirate captain during Europe’s era of colonization. We see Sin’s battles with other pirates, her struggles among her crew, and really sense the power of her personality.

Artist Steve Epting does an astonishing job on this comic. Issue #5 begins in the Caribbean island of Tobago, and his art of the island is so gorgeous it makes me want to take a vacation there. He does a brilliant job of conveying the feel of places, of creating a wonderful sense of place.

If you’re lucky, you can pick up all six issues of this comic for $1.50. I know I did. It’s a steal at that price.


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