Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Yeah, well, it didn’t suck. That was my biggest fear, that Episode III would suck in the same way as the other two movies did. Well, it didn’t. The action scenes were big and bold and full of cool CGI effects, and the last part of the movie was one big fanboy geekfest. As for the scenes that sucked in the first movie, well…

I have this problem with the grass in the yard on the side of my house. It’s very patchy, full of lots of dead spots. The other day I picked up some Scotts’ grass seed to fill in those dead spaces. Actually, it’s not just seed, it’s this combination mulch, seed and fertilizer that’s supposed to be kind of an all-in-one solution. We’ve been getting a lot of rain – a lot of rain – around here lately, so the other day when we had a sun break, I went to the side yard and filled in some of the dead spots with this Scotts’  stuff. But I didn’t fill all the dead spots. The rain will, I’m sure, cause the parts I put down to grow, but what about the spots I didn’t fill in? When should I put that down? Should I try to take advantage of the rain that’s supposed to come down through the weekend?

Those were my thoughts as I watched Ani and Padme on screen together. Whenever they got together, I instantly zoned out. I couldn’t help myself. My eyes rolled, my mind lost focus, and I began thinking about my damn lawn. Has there ever been a couple in a big movie that had less chemistry? Certainly both of them can act, but put together in this movie, they were just awful.

But of course, it’s long seemed the case that Lucas cares less about the exposition than he does about the special effects. The CGI is kind of overwhelmingly spectacular in this movie. There are so many shots that feature dozens of spaceships in battle or flight, that it really is overwhelming. For instance, I was always glad when Ani and Padme had their conversations in her penthouse apartment because that meant I could look at the spaceships all flying around outside.

Oh, and the ending, where we get the transition between the first trilogy and the older trilogy? Pure magic for any longtime fan.

So anyway, you’re not going to make your decision about this movie based on what some comic review dude on the Internet says about it. But I liked it more than I thought I would. And that seems to be the general consensus among my friends.

Oh, and if you have any advice on what to do about my lawn, please let me know.


One Response to “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”

  1. Sean Says:

    I may not decide on spending my money based on your review, but at least I know your lawn is in as bad as shape as mine.

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