The new Doctor Who, episode 5: “World War Three”

After last week’s wonderful episode, my hopes were very high for this week’s part two. If you missed it, last week the new Doctor and his companion Rose, back in London after their journeys through space and time, stumbled over an alien invasion of Earth, starting at No. 10 Downing Street. I really enjoyed that episode, its charming characterization and style, and it really got me jazzed up for the rest of the series. Unfortunately, part two wasn’t nearly as entertaining as part one.

Part of the problem has to be that, at least on the version of the episode shown on Canada’s CBC, the resolution of the cliffhanger from the previous episode was inadvertantly edited out of the episode. I missed how the Doctor moved from being trapped by the malicious aliens to being in a position of power.

But what the episode really lacked was the feeling of freshness that the preious episode had. The aliens just didn’t feel threatening, and the reason behind their attack on Earth was a bit hackneyed. Most annoying, though, was the cheezy CGI used for the creatures. There were several scenes of them running through the halls at Downing Street that were impossibly dumb looking. Maybe I’m just a little tired of CGI at this point. Or maybe I missed the old much more cheezy Doctor Who aliens.

The best touches for me were the character touches. The Parliament back-bencher and her ultimate destiny was funny if predictible, and I loved how Mickey declined the opportunity to travel with the Doctor. And I still enjoy Rose’s character very much.

Next week’s episode is called "Dalek". I can’t wait!


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