Army of Darkness #2 (1992)

Army of Darkness is one of those movies for which I just can’t be objective. I just absolutely love the movie. A humor horror zombie action flick – how can there be a better combination of elements for a geeky fanboy? Not to mention the amazing chin of Bruce Campbell, the great one-liners, the unpredictible plot… the whole thing just hits my pleasure receptors in a way no other movie can or does.

This adaptation of the movie came out at roughly the same time as the movie. Adapted from the original screenplay by the amazing artist John Bolton, this is a wonderful take on the story. But it has a very different mood from the movie. Where the movie is light-hearted, almost campy, Bolton’s painted art is much more dark and moody. Therefore we get a very spooky Evil Ash, and Necronomicon books that really do look like they could eat Ash up. To be sure, the art in many places has kind of a silly look to it, but this reads as slightly more of a horror comic than I expected it to.

Which isn’t an put-down at all. In fact, this adaptation is wondefully faithful to the original. I understand it’s recently been reprinted, and any true AoD fan has to have this. I’m not sure if the reprint volume contains any of the back-up material from the comics, but issue two has a wonderful interview that Kurt Buseik, then just beginning his comics career, conducts with Bruce Campbell. You can tell that Campbell knows this will be a big movie and that his life could change because of it, and you can also tell that he’s ambivalent about that prospect.

Man, I love this movie!


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