The new Doctor Who, episode 4: “Aliens of London”

Oh what the hell, why not a TV review? It’s my blog, I can do what I want.

Last night’s Doctor Who, "Aliens of London" was the best of the new series so far. It starts with a wonderful scene of Rose returning to London. Soon after, an alien spaceship crash-lands in the Thames, which triggers widespread panic and chaos. Of course the Doctor gets involved in the situation in his own inimitable way, but not before we get some wonderful scenes of Rose’s family and friends. This is definitely not the same Doctor Who that I loved in high school, but the new version of the show is so wonderfully true to the original that the new scenes feel like a re-energization of the character. This episode moves along at a wonderful pace, Eccleston doing a wonderful job of playing a slightly more complex Doctor than I’m used to, while still having the energy and spirit of his predecessors. Even the two scenes in the episode that annoyed me when they first happened ended up having interesting explanations.

I liked the show before; now I’m completely hooked.


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