Klarion the Witch Boy #1 (2005)

Wow, what an odd comic. I mean, Klarion is just plain strange. It seems there’s an extradimensional place where an odd civilization of creatures live. There are witches, of which our guy Klarion is one, but they’re an oppressed minority who seem to be on the outs with the rest of their civilization. There are hints of supernatural creatures, and there’s a Kit Kat wrapper in there, too. It’s all very strange feeling, which I’m sure is part of the point of the book.

It’s also tremendously intriguing. What is the story with the Grundies, who are dead people brought back to life for manual labor? What is the strange fairy-like creature that Kalrion’s cat Teekl kills? What is the creature at the end of the book? And what is this strange place Croatoan? Lots of questions, almost no answers. Which is immensely exciting to a reader. Being thrown into a strange world where there are no answers provided helps make the reader feel off-balance, like we don’t know what to expect from the story. We know that we can trust Morrison to provide answers, so the journey itself can be a pleasure.

Frazer Irving’s art, and especially his coloring, are absolutely sensational. With his use of mostly blue and gray shades, Irving creates a world that seems extremely claustrophobic. Except for Teekl and the mystical beings, everything is blue. Blue faces, blue fingernails, blue ground. When Horrigal appears on the last page, his purple highlights explode off the page. This all helps lead readers to feel what Klarion is feeling. We want to be free of this world, but at the same time, the world of Croatoan is intriguing.

Klarion is a very strange comic, but it’s wonderfully written and drawn, and is very intriguing. Of the four first issues so far of the Seven Soldiers series, it’s my favorite.


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