Cerebus #8 (1979)

Whoo hoo! Thanks to the miracle of eBay, I have a copy of Cerebus #8 in my collection. In my little world, this is a big deal. See, Cerebus ran some 300 issues between 1977 and 2003. I have something like 284 issues of this series, and am only missing a few scattered issues late in the run… and also the first nine issues. I’ve been reading this comic since issue 19 (yeah, we long-time fans remember our first issues like our high school girlfriends), and like a fool I never filled in the earliest issues in my collection. Finally now as I’m pushing 40, I’m starting to fill in the gaps.

A review? Aww hell, better people than me have reviewed Cerebus. This very early issue is fun and light, but nothing like the amazing and exasperating series it would become. Eventually, against all odds, this bizarre little black and white comic would become first one of the most celebrated comics in history, and later one of the most controversial. I always enjoyed the series, even when it got increasingly bizarre. But, like with Woody Allen, I prefer his "older, funny ones."

Now I just have to find issues 1-7 and 9. Wish me luck!


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