Supergirl #2 (1996)

My friend Mike turned me on to Peter David’s wonderfully unique take on Supergirl, and I’m really glad I listened. Mike has extremely good taste in comics, and he was right about this series. The first fifty issues are a kind of long character arc. The series starts with Linda Danvers as a troubled teen whose life is saved when the kind of gloopy Matrix takes over her body, and concludes with Linda/Matrix/Supergirl as a kind of earth angel, a spirit of goodness and redemption.

Yeah, it’s not your father’s Supergirl, and I can see why it might be off-putting for some. But I enjoyed it. Lex Luthor barely appears at all in the series, and while Comet the sort of super horse appears, he does so in ways you might never expect.

It’s nice seeing this whole thing start relatively quietly here in issue two, but pretty soon Supergirl will be rolling into some interesting territory.


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