Hawk and Dove???

Okay, I’ve read the Ditko version and heard of the Liefield version and I think I’ve seen the Kesel version, but what the hell was this version of the Hawk and Dove from 1997? The tag line in the ad reads:

She wears body armor.
He wears baggies.
She carries a big gun.
He carries a bass guitar.
She wants justice.
He wants to party.

Anybody ever read this? Is it total crap?

One Response to “Hawk and Dove???”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Never read that one but Hawk and Dove (originals) appeared in a recent episode of Justice League Unlimited:Hawk and Dove gs: Jason Hervey (Dove/Don) Fred Savage (Hawk/Hank) Michael York (Ares/Mr. Sera) Two brothers, one a pacifist and the other more aggressive, join Wonder Woman in a mission to stop a war between two warring factions within the country of Kaznia. It turns out that the escalation of the conflict is all part of Ares\’ plan to spread misery.NOTE: This episode reunites Fred Savage and Jason Hervey, who played brothers in the series The Wonder Years.

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